What we do?    
    1 Purchasing Agency for Overseas Customers    
      I provide services to all overseas customers who need    
      a purchasing agent in USA with special arrangement.    
    2 New and Pre-owned Laptop Sales    
      We buy and sell new, refurbished and pre-owned    
      Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Fujitsu and Compaq laptops,    
      and accessories to end-user, vendors and exporters.    
      I also buy and  sell Apple product lines to    
      National and International markets.    
    3 Complete Business Solutions    
      We provide Networking and MIS support, hardware, software,    
      training, repair, technical support and consultation    
      to individuals, homebase businesses, and/or small or large companies.    
      We also provide a complete eletronic solutions,  such as    
      e-business and e-commerce to our customers.    
    4 Customer Service and Support    
      We provide technical support and consultation    
      to our customers before and after each sale.    
      E-mail your requests to Nelly@100nel.com    
      Call me at my direct line 818 599-2466, 818 559-5261 Home    
      and/or fax/phone 818 260-0275    
      if I am not in my office, please leave a message for me    
      give me your name, phone and nature of your business    
      I will get back to you as soon as possible.    
      For complete computer solutions    
      Networking, MIS, Hardware, Software, Installtion,    
      Training, Repair, Technical Support and Consultation    
      Contact - Edward Yeghiazarian at edward-y@msn.com    
      Running banner at my site,    
      Creative Web Design, Consultation and Support    
      Contact - webmaster@100nel.com    
      Laptops purchases, marketing and sales consultation    
      Contact - Nelly at nelly@100nel.com    
      if you are looking for an AGENT in USA    
      please e-mail your requests to nelly@100nel.com    
      or call me at 818 599-2466    
      They say    
      You always find whatever you are looking for.    
      Is the Singer NOT the Song    
      Learn to be the rider not the horse.    
      Thanks for visiting www.100nel.com    
      I am looking forward to work with you.     
      Call me if you need any help.    
      Nelly @ 818 599-2466    

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